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Download the Poached App

Once you have the Poached App, you’re one step closer to working shifts. Shifts are only available on the app, so don’t miss out!

  • Complete your Shift Settings

  • Using your Shift Settings, we will match you to your ideal shifts. It only takes a few minutes to get ready to pick up some extra income.

Complete Shift Settings & Orientation

Complete your Shift Settings from the “Shifts” tab in the app.

  • Set your availability so we only notify you of new shifts when you’re available.
  • Create a Shifts Profile including a clear photo of your face so employers know who to expect.
    • You can build your Shift Profile or upload a resume to highlight your skills and experience.
  • Upload all current permits and certifications.
  • Create a direct deposit so that we can pay you after your shift!
    • The only way to get paid through Poached Shifts is to set up a direct deposit with our trusted payment processor, Stripe.
  • Complete an orientation and assessment.

    • To learn about our policies and how Poached Shifts works, complete a quick orientation complete with short videos and quizzes.

Apply & Book Shifts

Once your settings and orientation are complete, you can begin to browse and pick up shifts.

  • Easily apply to any shift you find on the “Search” tab or to those that you are invited to based on your preferences and skill sets.
  • If the shift is available, you’ll instantly book it! If it’s not available, you’ll join a waitlist and we’ll notify you if it re-opens. 

Getting Ready

You will receive push notifications for all shift reminders or any last-minute updates from the employers, so keep an eye out.

  • Additional important information— like if you need to bring anything, or if there is a uniform requirement— is in the Shift Description—so be sure to check after booking!

Clocking In & Out

The Time Clock feature will become available 10 minutes before your shift. We’ll send a push notification reminding you to clock in. 

  • Show up on time and ready to work! Employers have the opportunity to rate workers after submitting payment, so you want to make a great impression!

  • If you’re taking an unpaid break, select “Clock Out” to pause the time clock. You can clock back in when you’re ready!

  • When the shift is over and you’re done for the day, select “Clock Out” and then “End Shift and Send Invoice” to review your invoice. 

Review & Submit Hours

To finalize your shift after clocking out, review and edit your invoice from the Poached app.

  • Click “End Shift and Submit Invoice” below the “Clock Out” button and follow the prompts to review and submit your invoice. 

  • The business instantly receives the invoice in their Poached account and has 24hrs to submit payment before we automatically process it. You will get paid by a direct deposit set up through your Stripe Connect account.

    Note: Poached will never take any fees or cut out of a worker’s pay. 


When you work a shift through Poached Shifts, you are covered under our Occupational Accident Policy with Bunker Insurance. Learn more here.

Set Up Direct Deposit

When completing your Shifts Profile, you will set up direct deposit through our trusted payment processor Stripe. Stripe, is an industry leader in online payments.

If you have questions about direct deposit, visit our help desk or contact Stripe directly.

When Do I Get Paid?

After submitting your invoice to an employer, they have 24 hours to review and submit payment before we automatically process it to your direct deposit.

  • If you set up a direct deposit using a debit card, you can expect payment within 24 hours.
  • If you set up a direct deposit using a bank account, you can expect payment within 1-3 business days.
  • You can access your Stripe Connect account at any time from the Shift Settings in the Shifts tab of the app to check in on the status of your payments.

  • Remember, you get paid through Poached and not the employer. Additionally, we never charge any fees or take any wages out of your pay, so what you see is what you get. 


Since you are an independent contract worker, when it’s tax time, you will receive a 1099-NEC from Stripe.

  • If you’ve earned more than $600 in a calendar year working Shifts, you are responsible for reporting your income to the IRS.

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