Poached Shifts

Worker Resources

  • Picking Up Shifts

  • Going To Work

  • Getting Paid

Download the Poached App

Once you have the Poached App, you’re one step closer to working shifts. Shifts are only available on the app, so don’t miss out!

  • Complete your Shift Settings

  • Using your Shift Settings, we will match you to your ideal shifts. It only takes a few minutes to get ready to pick up some extra income.

Complete Shift Settings & Orientation

Complete your Shift Settings from the “Shifts” tab in the app.

  • Set your availability so we only notify you of new shifts when you’re available.
  • Create a Shifts Profile including a clear photo of your face so employers know who to expect.
    • You can build your Shift Profile or upload a resume to highlight your skills and experience.
  • Upload all current permits and certifications.
  • Create a direct deposit so that we can pay you after your shift!
    • The only way to get paid through Poached Shifts is to set up a direct deposit with our trusted payment processor, Stripe.
  • Complete an orientation and assessment.

    • To learn about our policies and how Poached Shifts works, complete a quick orientation complete with short videos and quizzes.

Apply & Book Shifts

Once your settings and orientation are complete, you can begin to browse and pick up shifts.

  • Easily apply to any shift you find on the “Search” tab or to those that you are invited to based on your preferences and skill sets.
  • If the shift is available, you’ll instantly book it! If it’s not available, you’ll join a waitlist and we’ll notify you if it re-opens. 

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